The leadership team is responsible for the overall policy and direction of AWISA, and delegates responsibility to committees as needed. The team consists of a Chair, Chair-Elect/Secretary, Treasurer, and Social Media Coordinator. Leadership team positions are voluntary, receive no compensation, and are elected each spring.

The Chair-Elect/Secretary position involves a two-year commitment to serving the AWISA membership in a leadership capacity. In the first year, the successful candidate will serve as the AWISA Secretary and is responsible for:

  • Taking and preparing minutes of each quarterly meeting.
  • Assisting with the planning of quarterly meetings.
  • Preparing and sending out quarterly mailings to the membership.
  • Maintaining the membership database and collecting membership dues.
  • Responding to member inquiries requesting that AWISA announcements be sent out. Distributing announcements to AWISA listerv as requested.
  • Preparing all forms and materials needed for the quarterly meetings.
  • Writing a brief article on AWISA activities (Once a year) for the NAFSA Region I newsletter.
  • Reminding member institutions to pay dues as necessary.
  • Tabulating and tracking evaluation forms after AWISA meetings and helping coordinate “Best of AWISA.”

In the second year, the Chair-Elect/Secretary moves into the role of AWISA Chair and is responsible for:

  • Planning and coordinating quarterly meetings (seeking out presenters, working with hosts to facilitate meetings, etc.)
  • Overseeing the quarterly meeting and facilitating the business section of those meetings.
  • Representing AWISA, both within the professional community and the community at-large.
  • Creating and sending out certificates to meeting presenters.
  • Writing thank you notes to host school and session presenters.
  • Coordinating and administering “Best of AWISA.”

The Treasurer serves for a fixed 2 year term and is responsible for maintaining the AWISA bank account, monitoring and handling AWISA expenses, and presenting the Treasurer’s Report at each quarterly meeting.

The Social Media Coordinator serves for a fixed 2 year term and is responsible for maintaining the AWISA social media accounts, monitoring and posting job opportunities, coordinating all special announcements with the Secretary, and presenting the Social Media Coordinator’s report on AWISA’s social media presence at each quarterly meeting.

Interested in nominating yourself or someone else for a leadership position? Simply send an e-mail to chair@awisa.org.


Current Leadership

Jenna Thomas, Chair
Saint Martin’s University

Sancha Elevado, Secretary/Chair-Elect
South Seattle College

Rachel Erickson, Treasurer
Skagit Valley College

Emily Bernet, Social Media Coordinator
City University of Seattle


AWISA is an organization built on networking and deepening a sense of community across the spectrum of international education in Washington State.

For any questions on AWISA and our quarterly conferences, contact the AWISA Chair at chair@awisa.org

For announcements that are professionally relevant to Washington International Educators, contact the AWISA Secretary at secretary@awisa.org

For job announcements, questions to ask AWISANs, or general social media inquiries, contact the Social Media Coordinator at network@awisa.org